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Welcome to Bob Vineyard Ministries

Bob Vineyard Ministries exists as an answer to the Scriptural command to spread the Gospel around the world.

BVM focuses on missions in Cuba, Dominican Republic, The Gambia, Kenya, Uganda and Pakistan.  Training indigenous pastors in those locales is a major characteristic of this ministry.  Since these leaders know the uniqueness and diversity of their cultures best, equipping these local leaders spiritually, financially, and physically is how we accomplish our goal so they can reach the people in their nations more effectively and add people to the Kingdom.  Crusades are regularly held in every mission trip as well.



Partner With Us

 As a partner with Bob Vineyard Ministries you can make a difference in the lives in people all around the world.  Dr. Vineyard currently works to strengthen and equip pastors and ministries in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Uganda, The Gambia, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and the USA.  Learn how you can partner with what God is doing through BVM.

Dr. Bob Vineyard on his latest mission trip to Kenya and Uganda.



Join Dr. Vineyard At His Next Event

Dr. Vineyard travels around the world encouraging churches and supporting pastors.  Learn when Dr. Vineyard is speaking at a church near you. If you would like to invite him to speak at your church or event you can message Bob Vineyard Ministries to arrange a meeting.

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